How to Increase Sales with Interior 3D Rendering Services: Benefits and Real Facts for Business

3D rendering has been popularized in architecture and design since the 1980s. Today, four decades later, every industry uses 3D visualization in marketing and, therefore, in sales. It’s hard to believe, but the size of the global 3D rendering market is projected to reach a tremendous figure of $61,651.18 million by 2026. Compared to current numbers, this is an annual growth of at least 28%. The reason for this growth is the high demand for three-dimensional data, mainly in design and architecture. But enough about trends, let’s talk about another essential issue: why is 3D rendering so exciting for the market, and how to boost sales with 3D interior rendering services?

What is 3D Interior Visualization in Simple Terms?

Interior 3D rendering is a set of three-dimensional images with the most realistic and detailed reflection of the designer’s idea. Thanks to 3D visualization, it is possible to convey everything: from textures and color schemes to the arrangement of interior design elements, furniture, or accessories in accordance with the layout of the room. 3D interior models help both the user (in complete understanding of the author’s concept) and the architect or designer (in evaluating their idea by the client).

How Can Interior 3D Rendering Help the Architecture and Design Business? 

  • Accurate and complete visualization. With 3D rendering, you can display multiple viewpoints and maintain the quality of conveying your idea. It means that the client receives the same specifications but without boring schedules and reams of documents, achieving the same results in communication.
  • Improving the efficiency of using working time. 3D visualization allows you to get complete feedback without distortions while planning and designing the project. You totally eliminate more than 20% of changes at the stage of design and technical document preparation, which, accordingly, saves time for the business and the client.
  • Enhancing the quality of communication with different types of audiences. Entertaining, educating, and convincing your potential customers — all these processes can be solved with just one 3D visualization. So, each client can reproduce in their head the desired model of interaction with a real interior object, which provides a higher level of immersion, and hence the involvement of various categories of clients in further communications.
  • Meeting customer needs for virtualization and real-time experiences. According to Research Cappasity Inc., 95% of consumers prefer interactive 3D to classic video. There is a growing need among clients not just to observe but to immerse themselves in what they see as much as possible. On the one hand, it will help you keep pace with the preferences of customers. On the other hand, it will open new opportunities to manipulate market trends in favor of specific projects of architects and designers.
  • Increasing the level of modernity and popularity of the brand. Researchers at Nasdaq forecast that 9 out of 10 purchases and orders will be made online by 2040. An interactive 3D animation is the most modern and technologically advanced way of presenting an architectural project in a remote (and not only) format. And with the development of innovative technologies and modernization of communication methods, the image of a brand that uses such tools in its work will also grow.
  • Growth of audience confidence in the architectural studio or designer. Visual content can be uploaded both on your website and in video or “Stories” format on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Presenting your portfolio exactly where your potential customers spend most of their time and in the format they prefer is a great way to improve brand awareness, gain new leads, and, finally, make work with your clients flexible and comfortable for all parties. As statistics show, 9 out of 10 architectural companies are already represented in social networks, and they can increase brand loyalty right now!

Yes, solving these problems definitely simplifies the work of designers and architects. But don’t forget another essential goal: investing in any communication tool must bring quantifiable benefits. So now, let’s take a look at how 3D rendering can increase your profits.


Ways 3D Rendering Can Maximize Your Profits

  1. Increased conversion on average by 40% compared to the standard promotion and sales tools. Most customers prefer meaningful and detailed descriptions of products and services. 3D rendering, due to its completeness, realism, and clarity, increases the client’s confidence in the future product. Compared to classic video visualization, 3D rendering offers several times deeper immersion into the interior, which increases the chance of ordering.
  2. Growth of audience coverage. 8 out of 10 users will open your 3D visualization and virtual tour. Research data also show that additional functions, interior objects, and solutions presented in this format are purchased more often than if you use standard presentations.
  3. Increasing the desire of your clients to take action. They are 11 times more likely to shop or order from companies implementing such interactive tools as interior rendering. This is especially relevant for companies that manufacture household items, furniture, or design elements.
  4. The growth of the average check. Research data show that 4 out of 10 clients are ready to pay extra for the opportunity to evaluate a product or service in real-time (in our case, interior design). It’s simple: the more details clients can see, the easier it is for them to make sure that this is exactly the desired interior, design object, or furniture that they need.
  5. Expanding the sales funnel and shortening the customer’s path to purchase. The introduction of a virtual tour or presentation of the interior, even without the involvement of additional PR tools, will convince even those customers who had doubts before. Moreover, companies that have taken advantage of 3D rendering admit that users spend 5-10 times more time on their websites than their competitors. Accordingly, it also increases sales.

Just think about this fact: 79% of construction and real estate sales companies already have their own virtual showrooms, and 17% are developing them right now. Now you know how to use 3D interior renders to boost your sales.

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Our customers are reaping the benefits of investing in the #1 tool for designers and architects right now. Our studio is ready to help you bring your interior sales to a new level!

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