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GENENSE is a 3d architectural visualization rendering studio. We work in collaboration with architects, designers, real estate developers and manufacturers all over the world.

We pride ourselves in seamless customer experience with easy workflow and quick turnaround time. Putting a high priority on the immaculate quality of CGI helps us bring creative concepts to life and realize the boldest project ideas.

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We create high-end architectural visualization that speaks volumes and sells emotions


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Exterior Renderings of Commercial and Residential Real Estate:

  • Private houses
  • Cottage villages
  • Residential complexes
  • Business centers
  • Industrial buildings

This type of rendering caters to architects, developers and design studios. With the help of high-end images, their clients will get a taste of what the project under development will look like when it’s done.

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Interior Renderings of Residential and Commercial Premises:

  • Apartments
  • Houses
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Offices

Architects and interior designers will benefit from 3D interior visualization to increase client loyalty, as well as present and sell their work to customers.

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  • Furniture 3D modeling
  • Furniture renders on white background
  • Lifestyle 3D furniture rendering

Furniture CGI allows manufacturers to get high-quality renders of furniture and product concepts for catalog filling and product testing before distribution.  

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01 Well-coordinated project execution

Once we receive a client’s request, all tasks get distributed between departments to ensure smooth and coherent work on the project. A project manager is the leading coordinator who organizes and monitors the team’s processes, as well as provides regular feedback on progress and adherence to deadlines.

well-coordinated icon 02 Double quality checks

Another essential role of a project manager is to make sure the final renders don’t require edits, correspond to all requirements of the technical task and meet studio quality standards. Such workflow reduces the number of corrections to a bare minimum, allowing architects and designers to get away with additional waiting time on fixing errors.

03 Always timely delivery

We realize that even the smallest deviation from deadlines can trigger a chain reaction that in turn disrupts synergy and results in loss of money, clients, and even company reputation. That’s why we implemented a convenient work scheme which involves different teams and responsibility zones. Besides, our specialists use the same software across the company, which allows them to instantly share 3D scenes and models by request, or give a helping hand in case of unforeseen circumstances.


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    To get the full picture of how professional rendering works and what to expect at every stage, let’s break down the critical processes of project realization:

    01 - Technical assignment placement and project specifications

    After the test assignment is approved, we ask a client to provide a list of references for complete understanding of their project’s concept. These can be any sources of information, including furniture arrangement plans, 3D models of objects, the number of views, drawings with dimensions, materials and finishings etc.

    02 - Points of view and grayscale 3D modeling
    Next, we set a virtual camera in the 3D scene to choose a perfect angle for further rendering. Once the perspective is right, our team of artists create grayscale renders with basic geometric shapes to evaluate proportions, define the position of objects in space, and set dimensions.

    03 - Fast 3D renders with textures

    The following phase involves creating visualization with applied textures and materials that make 3D architectural rendering photoreal. Then, our artists set up lighting per client’s request. Such renders are called fast because they showcase the project in its basic visual form. This stage helps to determine if all elements within the scene are in the right place with correct textures, materials and colors applied.

    04 - Final renders before post-production

    Once grayscale and fast renders are no longer needed for making corrections and adjusting parameters, the final CGI stage begins. Our 3D rendering studio artists improve the quality of renders to create high-resolution imagery and achieve maximum accuracy. This way, the tiniest project details are all set and ready for review.

    05 - Post Production

    The last stage of project creation is devoted to visual refinements. Using photoshop, our specialists enhance the final CGI with brightness, contrast, shadows, glows and other effects relevant to the overall look of the image.

    Once the 3D architectural rendering project is ready for delivery, we send the final images in .jpeg and/or .png format to the client. If a 3D model of furniture was created, its file is also sent to the customer along with images.

    The standard image dimensions we provide clients with include the following:
    1920 x 1080 (landscape) px 300 dpi
    1280 x 1920 (portrait) px 300 dpi

    We can also set custom image sizes depending on the wishes and needs of our clients. Such resolutions are often required for printing of projects in albums, catalogs or advertising posters.

    For quality printing, we use the following image formats:

    А4 (297 x 210 mm) - 3508 х 2480 px, 300 dpi (4K)
    А3 (420 x 297 mm) - 4961 х 3507 px, 300 dpi (5K)
    А2 (594 x 420 mm) - 7016 х 4961 px, 300 dpi (7K)
    А1 (841 x 594 mm) - 9933 х 7016 px, 300 dpi (10K)
    A0 (1189 x 841 mm) - 14043 x 9933 px, 300 dpi (14K)

    On most occasions, we use three software programs to achieve quick and high-quality results. Namely, our 3D artists use 3Ds Max for 3D scene creation and its further elaboration. Then, they use Corona Renderer or V-Ray for rendering. Finally, post production of the final renders is carried out in Photoshop.

    Our 3D rendering company provides two corrections free of charge if the volume of each does not exceed 50% of the overall work on a project. In case the number of revisions is higher than 50% of a project scope, it is considered a separate task with a new estimated price.

    We use a user-friendly CRM workplace for better communication during the work on projects. Emailing is mostly used to keep in touch with clients and respond to their inquiries.

    For your convenience and ease of communication, all questions and clarifications regarding your project will be taken care of by the project manager who controls the entire workflow and adherence to deadlines within the team.

    We mostly use a bank transfer method. But you can pay via credit card as well.

    We strive to keep our prices affordable, therefore we do not offer a bonus system for our clients. Nevertheless, for large-scale projects we are always ready to discuss mutually beneficial price terms. Besides, newcomers are eligible for a one-time 20% discount for a test assignment.

    We strictly adhere to the privacy policy of your data and take all necessary measures to protect your personal information on our website. You can find out more about our terms of service here.

    To start a cooperation we usually offer a test assignment with no strings attached. We create a part of your project that includes a model, applied textures and 3D architectural rendering of one or two images. We accept the payment only once you are satisfied with the test result, negotiated deadlines, and the working process. There’s no payment involved if the result doesn’t meet your quality criteria.

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