3D Model

3d furniture model 3d furniture model

3D Model

To promote your product on the local or overseas market, we will create the exact 3D model of requested furniture for its further use in the interior design visualizations. Having created a model for 3D furniture rendering once, you will be able to demonstrate the product in various materials, colors and configurations an unlimited number of times.


3d furniture rendering 3d furniture rendering


A lifestyle image allows your client to understand the dimensions of furniture in the surroundings and see possible stylistic combinations for the item in the interior. Furniture CGI in lifestyle is also used for catalog printing, filling of website portfolios and marketing content for social media promotion.

Isolated Image on White Background

rendering broun chair rendering broun chair

Isolated Image on White Background

This type of furniture rendering shows all the features of furniture from different points of view to highlight the benefits of the product. It is used for catalog printing, filling of website portfolios and marketing content for social media promotion.
What is furniture rendering?

3D furniture rendering is the creation of photorealistic images using computer graphics. Furniture visualization is used to show the benefits of products from different angles as well as emphasize design details and the quality of materials.

CG rendering allows you to use 3D furniture models in unlimited configurations, change colors and materials, and show how an object will look with a variety of interior solutions.

3d rendered furniture
3d furniture rendering

Who can use 3D furniture rendering?

ready-to-use icon
Producers of ready-to-use furniture
Considering that serial production factories aim for an extensive reach of their client base, 3D visualization helps to enlarge the selling potential with printed catalogs and booklets, as well as digital content for websites and product promotion on social networks.
designers icon
Designers and manufacturers of custom furniture
CG rendering is an effective solution for swift visualization of concepts and making adjustments to the construction or design of furniture pieces. Also, high-end rendering saves time and money when conducting marketing research among consumers, which allows to properly assess demand before launching the concept into production.
furniture seller icon
Furniture sellers/online stores
Quality 3D furniture rendering gives objects a life of their own - which is why it is so relevant for creating unique selling content and promoting products on the Internet or social networks. This way, cutting costs on furniture photography becomes a matter of necessity rather than privilege.

Types of 3D furniture rendering we provide

We offer two types of 3d furniture rendering services to show your product in the best light - lifestyle images and isolated CGI on a white background.

The lifestyle image demonstrates how the product will look in the interior, what stylistic solutions make the best combination of this furniture, and helps to visually grasp object dimensions in the room.

The image on a white background shows all the advantages of furniture in isolation with the help of close-up views accentuating design curves, texture, the quality of seams, finishes and other elements.

With furniture rendering services, it is possible to create any concept imaginable, irrespective of furniture design or its type. Rendering is most often used by manufacturers of tables and chairs, upholstered and cabinet furniture, as well as interior and decor items.

3d rendering glass table
3d visualization for furniture


Creating a professional photo for a furniture catalog is a time-consuming and expensive process, as it requires renting and preparing studio equipment, paying a photographer, and transporting the furniture. In addition, extra costs are inevitable when it comes to updating a catalog with new furniture models and configurations.

3D visualization has a number of advantages over photography that drastically reduce financial costs and complexity of the image creation process:

Pricing. The cost of computer images for one piece of furniture is cheaper than a photo. Plus, preparing a technical task will take no more than a few hours.

Reusable 3D model. One 3D model of furniture can be used an unlimited number of times with different configurations of fabric, color, and texture such as wood, metal and plastic. Timewise, creating an image with a ready-made model will take no more than a few days.

Marketing potential. 3D rendering is by far the most convenient, fastest and efficient way to create commercial images for social networks. This way, a furniture store or company can sell more products in the local and global market by providing quality content that shows the benefits of a product and "hooking" customers’ attention at the same time.

Speed. The speed of creating an image with a new configuration of materials or colors is many times faster compared to reshooting of an existing model. Also, it takes only one or two days to send a high-end CGI of furniture to a customer.

  • 3D modeling. The creation of any computer image always starts with a 3D model. And for us to model a piece of furniture using computer graphics, the manufacturer needs to provide drawings with furniture dimensions and examples of textures: wood, metal, fabric, etc.
  • Deciding on furniture geometry. At this stage, manufacturers provide us with object proportions and sizes from different camera angles.
  • Setting up furniture materials. Once the object dimensions are agreed, 3D artists start applying textures and fabrics. For lifestyle CGI, they also create interior environments to see how a piece will look in such settings.
  • Camera positioning. This stage involves setting up cameras with points of view and adjusting the lighting to achieve a photoreal effect.
  • Rendering preliminary results. When all elements of furniture in isolation or in the interior environment are well balanced, 3D artists proceed to actual rendering.
  • Making adjustments. If needed, a client can ask to make any corrections on the image before the last rendering stage begins.
  • Final render in high-quality resolution. A refined version of furniture visualization with applied textures, materials and lighting is done.

For a 3D model:

  • furniture photos
  • drawings with dimensions
  • purpose of the model (where it will be used in the future)

For a render:

  • the required number of images and their resolution,
  • image type (on a white background and/or a lifestyle),
  • examples of materials (photos of wood, fabric, metal, etc.)

The cost of a 3D furniture model depends on the complexity of geometry and design. The more details need to be worked out when creating a 3D object, the more time-consuming and long-term the process and its cost are.

The price of rendering on a white background is defined by the number of images to be created. Whereas the cost of lifestyle rendering varies based on the type of environment in which the model will be displayed.

Send us a to get a price list with the approximate costs for out services.

The photorealism of 3D rendering is determined by the difference in the quality of computer image and a real photograph. The harder it is to distinguish a computer image from a photo, the higher the level of a 3D artist’s expertise. The degree of professionalism lies in the correct adjustment of natural light, reflections, highlights and shadows. Hence, the more detailed the image is, the more complex and competent the work of its master.

Besides, for newcomers we offer a test assignment with no prepayment. We create 3D rendering of one or two images to let you experience our workflow, turnaround time and quality of our work. We accept the payment only once you are satisfied with the test result. There’s no payment involved if the result doesn’t meet your expectations.

To create an image of furniture on a white background, it takes one day to carefully apply and elaborate on textures. Whereas a lifestyle image takes about two days considering the need to set up a proper environment.

The timing required for 3D modeling is estimated individually depending on the purpose of a 3D model, the number of polygons, and the complexity of the design and geometry.

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