Upgrade Your Real Estate Tours With 3D Renderings

Show clients several real estate properties located in different locations within a short time – today, this is a rather easy task, considering the current possibilities of visualization technologies.

According to Market analysts, the virtual tour real estate market reached $340 million in 2022 and is expanding with a CAGR of 14.5%. Thus, the industry’s capitalization will cross the $1.2 billion mark in just 10 years by 2032.

Considering this information, we can conclude that the popularity of 3D property tours will only continue to grow. Primarily due to the trend of digitizing businesses and the opportunities that open up for realtors and their clients.

GENENSE experts have prepared material that will inform you about the key advantages of a virtual tour of houses for business.


Real Estate 360 Virtual Tour: The Aesthetics of Efficiency in the Industry

Whether you’re an individual entrepreneur or an agency employee, dealing with commercial or residential real estate, focusing on land parcels or complex spaces, 3D tours enhance the efficiency of your work.

There are several reasons for this:

Moreover, you gain a competitive edge that drives residential and commercial property sales (or rentals). This is due to the potential unlocked by 3D visualization in real estate-related business.

House 3D Plan Design: Professional Environment Visualization Method

Modern technologies offer new opportunities for using 3D in real estate. For instance, ArchiCAD is used to create digital models of objects, exteriors, etc., which are then combined with 360 visualizations.

As a result, clients receive a photorealistic tour whose cost depends on the number of capture points (navigation) and render quality. This final tour serves marketing purposes and simplifies client presentations.

Home 3D Tour: Time and Resource Savings

A successful realtor often manages properties across multiple regions simultaneously. Overcoming this challenge is possible with 3D tours.

Imagine remotely showcasing a property and even conducting a complete tour from the comfort of your office. It sounds good, and it looks even better in practice. This is because VR headsets can be integrated with 3D visualization, immersing clients in a quality digital environment.

Consequently, you save time and reduce logistical costs, offering identical services to your audience. That’s a profitable move.

Exterior Visualization: Detailed Presentation of Real Estate

A digital interior tour is excellent, but the first impression on a client is often the building’s facade, design, architectural style, and technical condition.

Combining 360 tours with a quality rendering of static exteriors allows you to convey external details, highlight specific features, and follow up with a presentation of 3D floor plan design and interiors.

This visualization immerses the client and encourages them toward a purchase.

3d rendering EXTERIOR VISUALIZATION, building for 3 floors

Demonstrating 3D Home Virtual Tours: Effective Marketing

360 tour and 3D floor plan rendering visualizations can be used for advertising purposes, such as integrating them into the agency’s application platform.

You can also use content from tours to publish marketing creatives externally. For instance, showcasing photorealistic exterior renders and selected frames from 360 visualizations. This way, the potential audience can assess part of the property’s advantages in advance, increasing the likelihood of visiting your website and using your services.

As a result, you can sell the property or offer clients alternative (also visualized) options. And this is just a small part of the value that 360 tours bring to the business.

Value of 3D Real Estate Tours for Business

Investments in business always yield income. This axiom holds true for 360 visualizations of real estate properties. Each invested dollar brings at least a fivefold ROI. And here’s why:

  • 3D tours increase client interest in services/real estate.
  • Logistic expenses are minimized.
  • Time is saved for both realtors and clients.
  • It becomes possible to scale a marketing campaign.
  • You can use creatives for third-party tasks.

Thus, this type of content holds several advantages over standard photographs in terms of business profitability. All thanks to the fact that 360 tours offer new possibilities for real estate activities.

Focus on 3D Interior Design

Relying solely on static images risks losing a portion of the progressive audience. This is because the trend of digitalization is gaining popularity across various industries.

In the real estate industry, this is most evident in visualizing interior spaces within buildings. Rooms, floor layouts, furniture, design, style, lighting – all can be photographed and displayed on a website. However, only a comprehensive 360-degree tour can immerse clients in a photorealistic environment.

As a result, this allows for a complete tour experience that closely resembles reality. After this, clients are more likely to want to visit the property and, most likely, purchase it from you.

Furniture Visualization Details

Buying furnished properties is quite popular now, where homes come with furniture. For the secondary real estate market, this provides an additional income opportunity, while for the primary market, it can be included in the cost estimation for the room layout.

360 tours can integrate 3D furniture models, allowing for modifications as needed. For instance, for experimenting with room styles, design layouts, or renovation plans. This is also useful for demonstrating how new owners’ items will fit into the existing interior.

In other words, you can provide a tour and offer personalized options to your audience.

Driving Sales

Even the provided examples are enough to assess the financial prospects of 360 tours and 3D visualizations. The main advantage of this type of content lies in its influence on customers’ decisions regarding property purchases.

The immersive effect of photorealistic graphics and navigation capabilities encourages potential buyers to make a positive preliminary decision. Usually, they then physically visit the property and proceed to purchase it.

As a result, everyone is happy: the realtor who sold the property and the client who remotely evaluated the building and its interior and became a homeowner.

Expert Presentation of Real Estate

360 tours and 3D visualizations can be used not just for their primary purpose. Their range of uses is quite broad and covers various professional needs.

For instance, designers can publish such content in their portfolios to enhance their expertise in the eyes of potential clients. Architects can use 3D tours to showcase potential developments to investors. 3D artists can publish on platforms like DeviantArt, ArtStation, etc., to showcase their skills.

So, there are plenty of options; choose the one that suits you best.

Powerful Marketing Tool

Lastly, back to marketing. It’s a crucial component of any business type, but real estate has specific characteristics.

If you want to sell your properties effectively, focus on advertising. 360 tours are perfect for marketing tasks since they hold value for your target audience and unlock the property’s potential. Screenshots or individual frames can also be used for external publications, thus stimulating lead generation for the agency’s website.

This part of the potential of 3D tours offers the highest ROI coefficient and effectively drives sales.

Summing Up

Depending on your business needs, you might want a certain level of depth and quality in your real estate 360 tours. Navigation points, the sharpness of images, how big things look, and all those little details matter for effective building visualization.

However, don’t worry about the cost or duration of the content creation process. We take care of that.

At GENENSE, our experts can deliver any type of real estate visualization you require. Whether it’s videos, 3D (360) tours, furniture rendering, exterior, interior, and more. Delegate your project to us and monetize it effectively!



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