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Inspiration is the driving force behind the creative career of designers on the planet. Often the flow of creativity and ideas is replaced by emptiness and downtime at work, and therefore you have to look for new sources of it. Someone finds it on walks by the sea, someone needs travel and new experiences, and for someone the source of inspiration lies in communicating with friends and relatives. And if inspiration can be drawn from different sources, then you can learn about interior fashion trends only from specialized magazines, books, and also at exhibitions. It is difficult without being well-read in the creative world, and nowhere without being well-read. That is why we have prepared for you a selection of the best interior design magazines.



This magazine is one of the best interior design magazines and the most popular online magazines, where you can find many interesting ideas for decorating space through the prism of architecture and interior design. Each publication of the magazine is devoted to a separate interesting topic — it can be a review of the best architectural projects according to the magazine for the current year, a review of unusual interior items (for example, unusual black chairs from the Ethiopian-American designer Jomo Tariku), non-trivial design solutions in terms of space design (for example, oases in the city center from Kengo Kuma and Edition hotels) and more.
Incredibly beautiful visuals of interiors, highlighted in a separate section, can inspire any designer and are a real treasure trove for representatives of this profession. The monthly audience of the magazine is more than 3 million people, which indicates that it is successful and is recognized by specialists from all over the world. Reviews are published daily and therefore a subscription to it is really mandatory.

ELLE Decor

is a magazine that has been known to the world for over 30 years. It contains interesting information about interior fashion trends that are used to decorate the kitchen, bedroom, office and other premises, options for decorating rooms for the holidays, color combinations and more. Such a magazine is useful not only for designers, but also for people who want to create a cozy atmosphere in their house or apartment. There is also a separate Home tours section, where you can peep into the lives of other people and see the most unusual houses in the world. A paid subscription to the magazine is also available — it is published 10 times a year.




Vogue Living

Vogue Living is a real godsend for designers who value non-triviality in everything and are used to offering their customers non-standard space design solutions. This magazine brings together the best of design, interiors, the world of art, and travel. Incredible pictures and fascinating stories charge with positive energy and give an indescribable feeling. A couple of hours of browsing the online magazine will give you inspiration and allow you to easily cope with the design of any complexity.






Architectural Digest

The magazine is included in the top interior design magazines and has more than a century of history. It contains articles on interior design, unusual architectural structures (for example, houses built into the rocks), celebrity home interiors and more. This magazine will appeal to those who just want to create a real oasis of beauty and warmth at home, and professional designers who are looking for inspiration for new achievements. Architectural Digest was launched in 1920 as a California trade quarterly. Over the years, the magazine has evolved, increasing its frequency and coverage, and today it is published every month.


Livingetc is a magazine for those who are looking for interesting ideas for decorating a house or apartment and want to enjoy the comfort of being indoors, feel the comfort of every cell of the body and enjoy the aesthetics around. No matter how good a sense of style a person has, he will not be able to think through all the details in advance and independently make certain decisions without having references. The feeling of being watched is extremely important. Livingetc magazine is a real guide to the world of beauty and aesthetics. Useful magazine articles will help you choose beautiful wallpapers, modern furniture and unusual decor for rooms in different styles. The magazine comes out every month.

Bridge for Design

The journal is presented in an online format, and is also published 4 times a year. It offers an irresistible mix of beautiful homes, interior design news, informative design trend views and advertisers that you won’t find elsewhere. On the online pages of the resource you will find incredible examples of how you can create unique interior masterpieces that can captivate from the first second. Inspirational photos contain incredible shots of interiors in style:
empire. This style is characterized by the presence of columns, semi-columns, porticos, sculptures, statues, bas-reliefs. Antique ornaments and antique objects, in particular, vases. The presence of sculptures of mythical sphinxes, griffins and eagles in the decoration of walls, parts of the interior, or furniture itself;
maximalism is an artistically designed overabundance of interior items and several decorative elements in different styles, tastefully and with imagination distributed in this interior;
minimalism is a design that is characterized by restraint and rigor in design;
renaissance and beyond.


This magazine is one of the top interior design magazines. It has both an online version and another version, which is published every two months. It is dedicated to hotel architecture and interior design. Revealing the decoration of the hotel speaks about its condition, therefore, large presentable and most modern diseases take care of the interior design of the room and modernize it with the appearance of new features. Business professionals know that when designing an interior, it is important to maintain uniqueness, style and ergonomics in maximum comfort for visitors, so a very responsible task is assigned to designers.

Marie Claire Maison

This French magazine is published online and in print (8 times a year). In it you can find interesting ideas for decorating different rooms in the house, learn what mistakes to avoid, how to creatively design a living space in one or another stylistic direction, and more. A selection of stylish design solutions can inspire everyone. On the pages of the magazine you can read about villas in a modernized seaside style, charming cottages in cute English villages, unusual houses of architects.

House Beautiful

This magazine was first published at the end of the 19th century, in 1896 to be more precise. Now it is published 10 times a year and each issue is filled with a lot of interesting and useful information. On the pages of the magazine you can find samples of stylish interiors and innovative design ideas. Convenient filters on the site allow you to quickly find sections of interest to the reader and be inspired by the interesting interiors of bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and other rooms in the house.


A Portuguese magazine that is published twice a month completes our list. This magazine is one of the most popular in the world and included in the list of the best interior design magazines. It contains various stories about incredible architectural structures and beautiful places on our planet, interviews with experts in the field of design and architecture. And on the site there are many beautiful inspiring photos with interiors in different styles. Here you can learn a lot of useful information that will be useful for developing interesting design projects that will satisfy such quality criteria as: functionality, ergonomics, aesthetics.










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